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Right solution from right information

Production management systems in addition to time- and project-tracking systems


Necom Ltd. sells, produces and maintains systems, which increase awareness and manageability for business. With the help of our systems, production is organised in the most rational way, completed tasks will be recorded correctly and the data transferred smoothly to production in addition to the payroll and billing departments. Promid project- and time-tracking in addition to Adjutant-production management have already improved work productivity in Finnish companies for a decade.

Promid production management system

Necom Ltd. has worked with time-tracking systems since 1998, in which the first version of Promid was published. Before this, the company made business software as of 1993. Adjutant production management, in turn, became part of Necom’s business in 2003.

Our staff have also worked with time-tracking and production management before Necom. Over the years, we have seen and organised several different industries operation and many different work environments to better monitor and more easily reach their goals. In spite of our experience, Necom is a young and innovative workplace and we wish it to remain as such.


We would like to help your business to improve work productivity and to save substantial money. We do this by offering an simple interface to use for the collection of data from your work and production. We dare to promise that our system pays for itself, even within a short timespan, by facilitating solutions based on the right information.

Invite our experts for a consultation! We will tell you how to perform better financially with us.